GIF and PNG sequence export!

Geon FX version 1.3 brings you PNG Sequence and GIF export
Use Geon FX effects in engines like Unity, Unreal, Construct, Clickteam Fusion and others.

Other changes:

  • Import from GML: c_red and other color constants are correctly imported now
  • No annoying " not in the PS list. Add it?" message
  • Various bugfixes (see Trello for more info):
  • HTML5 target for GameMaker runtime module is working correctly now.

Feel free to discuss the update in our Discord Channel

Files 2 MB
Jun 27, 2020 4 MB
Jun 27, 2020
Geon FX Lite for macOS (no SAVE function) 4 MB
Jun 27, 2020
Geon FX Lite for Windows (no SAVE function) 2 MB
Jun 27, 2020

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