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GEON FX is the most advanced Particle Editor for GameMaker Studio 1-2Which can also export effects to other engines via PNG sequences and GIFs.

Geon FX allows you to quickly create stunning particle effects on Windows and macOS

It is developed by professionals with more than 15 years of experience. And comes with a set of scripts for GameMaker to play complex particle effects easily.


  • For Windows and macOS
  • Modern UI: angle picker, alpha slider and more other handy tools
  • Supports all GameMaker: Studio and GameMaker Studio 2 particle functions including part_type_death() and part_type_step()
  • Add infinite number of emitters and change their depth by swapping tabs
  • Resize emitters and move altogether or one by one
  • Load animated external sprites from strips or folders. Set origins and animation properties.
  • Load background, move and tile it
  • Resize or maximize editor window freely
  • Undo and Redo your actions (Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Y)
  • GIF, PNG Sequence and GML Export
  • Add and play complex effects easily: geon_effect_add(), geon_effect_burst() and other functions included
  • Free support and Updates


More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in v1.3.3

  • Windows 11 Support

Changes in v1.3

New Editor Features

  • PNG Sequence and GIF Export! Press F9
  • Import from GML: c_red and other color constants are correctly imported now
  • No annoying "...is not in the PS list. Add it?" message
  • Various bugfixes (see Trello for more info)

Geon FX scripts update

  • HTML5 platform export fixes — Geon FX runtime should work fine on HTML5

Changes in v1.2

New Editor Features

  • macOS editor now works fine on the latest macOS Mojave
  • macOS editor now supports all Windows editor features
  • macOS editor is properly signed now and shouldn't be added to the quarantine
  • GML Import (import your effect code to see it in the editor)
  • Loading sprites from project folder if couldn't find them
  • Setting a sprite folder for sprites used in the effect
  • Asking for the sprite folder if couldn't find one
  • Fixed effect draw order
  • Fixed wrong emitter forms
  • Other bugfixes and optimizations

Geon FX scripts update

  • GameMaker Studio 2.2.2+ is fully supported now
  • geon_effect_add() now supports a sprite array to replace default effect sprites
  • geon_effect_burst() and geon_effect_stream() functions now allow to set direction and speed of the effect in realtime

Changes in  v1.1b

  • Hotfix for saving project file wherever you want;
  • External background should move freely now (Ctrl + RMB).

Changes in  v1.0b


  • Completely rewritten in GMS (faster rendering using DX9)
  • Zoom In and Out feature
  • HEX color is now available for GML export (switch in Settings window)
  • Destroying Emitters in GML Export code
  • Particle effects should run exactly as in GMS1 and GMS2 runners
  • Precision fix (0.01 are allowed now)
  • Set Default Printer or Stop Spoolsv.exe bugfix is not needed anymore (hooray!)
  • Lots of bugfixes

Geon FX scripts update

  • GameMaker Studio 2 asset is now available for download
  • All scripts are now in the asset and well annotated

Changes in 0.9.0

New Editor Features

  • GameMaker Studio 2 built-in shapes are supported now
  • GameMaker Studio 2 GML export
  • Settings Window
  • Press TAB key to scroll through input fields
  • Inputting .1 instead of 0.1 is now also allowed
  • Click on the input field now always selects all input field contents
  • Ctrl + D (or Command + D) to change any effect's depth
  • Ctrl + R (or Command + R) to rename any effect
  • Ctrl + T (or Command + T) to add new effect
  • Double-clicking the emitter tab to change emitter's name
  • Minor bug fixes

Geon FX scripts update

  • GameMaker Studio 2 support
  • YoYoCompiler support
  • Backward compatibility for GMS particles in GMS 2
  • More memory optimizations

Changes in 0.8.8



  • New Helloween effects pack included
  • Background image name, x, y are saved to .geon file now
  • Emitter anchor point position is saved to .geon file too
  • Background color is saved to Editor INI


  • Duplicate effect function works correctly now
PlatformsWindows, macOS
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AuthorNOD Group
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Animation, editor, Effects, GameMaker, gamemaker-studio-2, gms, gms2, particles, tool


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Geon FX Editor 1.3.3 Windows 3 MB
Geon_FX_Editor_1_3_Mac.zip 4 MB
Geon_FX_Particle_Editor_Plus_Examples.yyz 9 MB
Geon_FX_Particle_Editor_Plus_Examples.gmz 19 MB
Geon_FX_Asset.yymp 7 MB
Geon_FX_Asset.gmez 10 MB

Download demo

Geon FX Lite for Windows (no SAVE function) 3 MB
Geon FX Lite for macOS (no SAVE function) 4 MB

Development log


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Absolutely LOVE this program. I think it's amazing for setting up GM particles and I'd probably have gone mad without it. My biggest wishlist item would be a way to do random colours (right now, to achieve this I'm spawning particles individually in Step, using a random colour, and every time I need to do this I forget how to and have to look it up so if Geon could export code for that too (even commented out) it'd be super handy for me lol). Having a way to preview random colours would be a help, if at all possible.

Anyway though, I love it and I'm really glad I have it. It's a MUST HAVE for anyone using GameMaker. Thanks for making it!

(1 edit)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but, as I understood, you would like to spawn a particle with random color on creation? 

This isn't implemented in GameMaker's built-in particle system but can be achieved via a line of code like:
part_type_colour1(global.Snow_Part, c_white);

What I can do is to allow to disable the color blend for 3 colors and add custom Randomize checkbox for 1 color.

Is this what you'd like to see?

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, if I could preview random colours in GEON (a checkbox would be perfect) that'd be useful to me. I like a lot of funky multicoloured particles! Cheers!

I bought it but it's not working on Windows 11.

,,This app cannot run on your system, contact developer".

I'll check it out and update if it doesn't all the time. Please run it in compatability mode for now.

Should work now, please check.

Yes, it working now. 

Hey, I'm wondering if there is a way to randomize?  I like your particle editor, but a randomize button would be awesome!

Great editor.. would like to set some of the other particle features as well such as alpha over time etc. This would be a super tool if it supported all of the GMS2 particle options

(1 edit)

There is an alpha over time feature (screenshot attached):

The editor should support all of the GMS2 features.

Could you tell us what does the editor miss?

good particle editor


Is there a way to change how many color "steps" or alpha "steps" a particle type has, or is it always just 3?

We planned to add 1-2 options, but 3 is max and the only option for now.

Alright.  Easy enough to just change it in code.  Good work, regardless!

No, no, no, I will not leave it like that. Especially when such a person asks for a feature. It would be an honor for us to add it as soon as possible. I'll contact you when it's ready. 

Where could I download the Pro Version????

Pro version is included in the package. Lite version is for free and can't export particles. Pro version is what you pay for.

Im getting very high cpu load (~50%), when running 1.3.2. Is this usual? Odd thing is i tried the Lite version and that behaves as expected. Any help would be great.

Does the light version have the same version number? I guess I should add V-Sync or Sleep Sync switch option. The first one is in the demo, the second one in the full version. Some machines handle 1 better, others 2. 

Thanks for the reply.

Lite version say 1.3 on the top bar, (file version says Downloaded from http://www.steampanic.com/geonfx/download

PC is a 10yr old i5 with8Gb. Not a massive issue, just slows down my work flow a bit.

why cant I use uppercase letters for prefixes?
I usually start my globals with an uppecase

btw the option is a great idea :D

Will do, thanks

UI is super tiny on 4k

(1 edit)

Thanks for mentioning it! I'll investigate the issue and fix it (if confirmed) in the next update. Added to Trello: https://trello.com/c/52xPknSI/94-add-ui-scale-for-4k-displays


Got this on yoyo marketplace a while back and I love it, but I have one request- in the spot where you can change the size gain of the particle, the program doesn't allow a negative number.  So if I want a particle to shrink into nothingness, I have to manually change the GML code after exporting.  It's not a huge deal, but it would be nice to be able to preview the shrinking particles.


Thanks for buying Geon FX!
I'll add the feature to the next update. 

I've double-checked. Negative numbers work fine in Geon FX 1.3 on Windows. 

(1 edit)

Ah, the issue seems to be that I had to type in "-0.01" or something rather than "-.01", since the initial 0 seemed to be required to work properly.  Glad to have figured it out, thank you!


When trying to run this on my iMac, it fails to run and I receive an error stating, "Unable to find game."

(2 edits) (-1)

It's been 2 months. still not functioning. still no reply.

It has been confirmed to work fine on Mac. Need more details to understand. Looks like your macOS firewall blocks the app and puts it into quarantine. Please read the FAQ section:

Thanks. You were correct. Everything is working flawless.

I was going to make my own particle designer but after trying Geon FX what's the point. Everthing I wanted from a particle designer and more. Awesome stuff.

Thank you very much! Working to improve it even futher. GIF export is on the way!

Hello !

i'm having a annoying bug with geon FX, whenever I open an existing project, and then close the program, the project file is automatically deleted from my drive, if I choose to not save changes the project is just lost (while I would expect the file to just remain as it is like any other program does)

Sorry for that, I'll discover what's wrong and release an update asap. Thanks for reporting.

(2 edits)

Using this in GMS2 for some time now and it's very good :)

A huge addition would be the possibility to export a sequence as a sprite sheet to make some particles follow an object

(2 edits)

Thanks! Working on Export to GIF and Sprite sheet options.

You can make particles follow an object. Please examine the example.

Will the update be coming to yoyogames marketplace?

Yes, it's there already.

Cool. it wasn't any update log so it says 1.0.1 on the homepage. 

Thanks for the update :)

Somehow it's a problem: it doesn't show any update log for the GMS2 on the Marketplace

A year ago, I asked if this would work with a couple of engines that I use. Finaly, I decided to try and learn GMS (I'm using vers 1.4.x). So I'm gonna acquire this tool. That said I have a couple of questions if you do not mind.

1- You said you were working on gif and png exports, is it implemented now or still being developped?

2- The user @GodLabs Studios asked about a way to implement the work he/she has done in Geon-FX in his existent project and you seem to have provide help. But it seems that the file need (unless i misunderstood) is on yoyo market , not here on itch. Does it mean I would have to go there to acquire that file?

3- Is the tool still under developement for 1.4 or are you focusing on 2 only? (I have no intention to acquire GM2 at the moment, so I want to make sure that GMS is still well supported).

Thanks for your time.

(2 edits)


Thanks for your interest in Geon FX!

  1. There is a first touch on PNG export in the newest update of Geon FX (press F9). But we are still  working on it. 
  2. Everything you need is here. Even the Geon_FX_-_Particle_Editor.gmez asset from Marketplace. Just import it into your project. You don't have to acquire any additional stuff.
  3. GMS1 and GMS2 are both fully supported. No limitations

I will be happy to assist you with any questions. 

Thank you very much. I will then purchase it right away and when learning to use it, if I need any help, I will take your word for it, and ask for your help. ^_^


I have purchased the software and find it very cool and was messing about changing the included fxs and saving the changes to the geon file the editor seems to save the geon file but on going to load the changed geon file it's not where I saved it .

G:\Geon_FX_Pro_v1_0b_Win\Effects\100\100.geon = original file

I would change it and save it as

G:\Geon_FX_Pro_v1_0b_Win\Effects\100\100mod.geon  but file is not saved here .

Instead it is saved in

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Geon_FX_Editor which is not expected as path is shown as above.

I have Win 10 if that helps.


Thanks for report! Working on it. Please subscribe for updates.

Fixed. Please update.

Hi. I'm sorry, I've not been on the site for a while. Were you posting this to someone else? It is not anything I am familiar with.


I bought the softwar and used the particle creator, it's really cool and made some cool effects with it. Awesome Stuff! Once done I used the export to GMS 2 option and got the GML code.

I am unable to figure out how to use these particles inside GMS 2. The included gmz file is a complete project but I want to use GeonFX in my previously made projects, and in documentation it says to add gmez extension but that file is not available?

It's likely that I am missing something very basic.

Can you please help me with this?


Thank you for buying Geon FX! You can export particles to GML and put them into your code: 

Just copy and paste the code into your project. The extension is provided via the GameMaker: Marketplace. I'll add it here too for your comfort.

Thanks !!

I am not able to link my itch.io purchase to Game Maker Marketplace. And it's asking me to purchase again.

Can you please add the extension on itch.io download page? That would be really helpful!


Added Geon_FX_-_Particle_Editor.gmez. Please check, download and import following the instruction here: http://www.steampanic.com/geonfx/faq#import_gmez

Great it worked now!! Thank you for the quick support :D

Deleted 5 years ago
Deleted 5 years ago

Any chance to have it for 001 Game Creator, GDevelop and Godot? Those are the engines I'm currently using.

Hi, I will have to take a look how much different their formats are and how to convert to them. What about built-in editors for those engines? Do they suck? I'm working on export to GIF and PNG strip right now.

Hi and thanks for your reply.

Honestly, I'm not a programmer, I'm a multimedia designer with my main focus on game art. So I don't use those engines often. I have them because I'm learning my way around (when I have some free time) and because the programmers I'm working with at the moments use them, so I need them for testing my assets, etc. I can't tell you much about how good their build-in editors are compared to GMS for example. Godot and Gdevelop are FOSS so you can download them and see. For 001 it's proprietary but they have a demo version (I think) so you can try that too. Anyway those three engines lacks stuffs like GeonFX, so I think it's almost a "open" market for you. You should take your chances ^_^. Ren'Py also being very popular, maybe you might wanna check that too.

I have bought GMS 1.4, two or three years ago, but I doubt I'll use it since I'm quite bad at coding, that mean I might not (maybe I'll change my mind later) aquire GeonFX for now. 

Any chance you could make it compatible for Construct 2 or Clickteam Fusion?

(3 edits)

Yes, we'll be working on it. Please follow us on Twitter for more details on upcoming updates: https://twitter.com/steampanic

Awesome, done. Let me know if you do any Alpha/Beta test for Construct 2 (main engine I'm working in ATM), I'd be happy to test.