Geon FX v1.0b is finally here!


  • Completely rewritten in GMS (faster rendering using DX9)
  • Zoom In and Out feature
  • HEX color is now available for GML export (switch in Settings window)
  • Destroying Emitters in GML Export code
  • Particle effects should run exactly as in GMS1 and GMS2 runners
  • Precision fix (0.01 are allowed now)
  • Set Default Printer or Stop Spoolsv.exe bugfix is not needed anymore (hooray!)
  • Lots of bugfixes

Files 4 MB
Apr 29, 2018 7 MB
Apr 29, 2018
Geon_FX_Particle_Editor_Plus_Examples.gmz 19 MB
Apr 29, 2018 3 MB
Apr 29, 2018 6 MB
Apr 29, 2018

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